A downloadable game

Two level mini low poly game.  

Level "Coin" is where you try to get to the other side of the coin but there's a catch, the coin is constantly rotating.

Level "Follow Me" had a bunch of friends follow you on a low poly map where you collect more coins to earn more friends, but beware of dangers when encountering enemies.  You will find your friends disappearing.

Install instructions

For Windows PC play, 64-bit.

Tested under Windows 10 and Nvidia rtx card

Although I don't think the graphics card will matter much, but that is what I used to test it.


Follow_Me_to_the_Other_Side.zip 190 MB


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A bit of warning, don't start 2nd game with headphones on high volume ;p

I am so sorry! 

No worries, but my ear hurt for a moment ^^'

I am so so sorry =(     Thank you so much for playing my game!  I will polish it up and fix that volume!

It was my first time adding audio to a UE game, I was having trouble with this sound file so I kept pumping up the volume parameter, then realized the sound file was corrupted.  I must have forgotten to reset the parameter back.  And to make it worse, my speakers volume was turned down very low, because I was burning midnight oil, didn't want to wake up the family, so it sounded ok when I tested it.  

Just so many factors put together :(